in being one (observations on brexit) by Anisha Johnson

Ceri Shaw
02/05/19 01:49:04AM
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i wake up to find britain going the way of the first americans.

they crossed the sea like this —————————————-

and the New World became Their World.

and now britain is crossing a sea of its own

their ship the law, europe the Old World,

not knowing what they will find on the other side of the sea,

on the other side of the wall

that they are building even while others scream to take it down.

the wall |||||||||| collapse


i am just eighteen

so no one knows i care

but i am watching from ‘across the pond’ -

i can see the fault line forming - |__________|

i can hear the echoes of the distant earthquakes.


and what about

the people?

the flood to which the floodgates have been closed?

the lost, the sanctuary-seekers, those with feet that have been bloodied

by fleeing?

where will they go?

will they be trapped in cages like mathematical equations {[()]}

cages with walls and bars of nothing and nowhere

because their prisoners have no place to be?


then there are the equations of another sort -

$ > £? £ > $?

the financial side of things.

money seems like such an abstract concept

but it's as fragile as the paper-thin notes it's made of,

as the wind purling through a butterfly’s wing.

when the pound crumbles, who will glue it back together,

who will pay for what must be paid?


but worst of all

a sentence I never thought i’d say

i now understand why people thought the world was flat

because that's what it's like,

living without knowledge of who is across the water from you,

without globalization and togetherness -

a planar world, a world where you can fall right off the edge __





and no one will help you back up.

so much for a ‘united’ kingdom.

because there is no unity in being one

with yourself.

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