No Inflated Cheekiness For This Logophile by Matthew Scott King

01/23/19 02:31:56AM
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I comport myself with quiet pridefulness,
plus intellectual whimsy

aware that "FAKE" pretentiousness,
could be mistaken foreign egotistical vitae
furthering, feathering and figuratively
undermining jestingly,


poetically, and zealously
oozing, gushing, bubbling over
with faux snobbish suave re:

pulse sieve literary fatuous
haughtiness, and ludicrous narcissistic pre

ning all the while chuckling to me


self, and indifferent if
some anonymous browser
with Dutchman's breeches rolled up
upon cresting wave over Zyder Zee

disparages mine harmless
badinage, hence if ye

might qualify as such nitpicker,
who doth cavil - dee

crying wading thru

quagmire of verbiage,
a gentle reply to thee

might be more wise to turn energy


toward, how in many another country

the village people haint so free
spouting, sporting, and spoiling,
vis a vis intellectual sparring
(albeit innocent) black

barbs hatch chee

ving, and raising urgent

attention against he
(who whiz squelching

constitutional rights) re:

pressing, rescinding, reviling,
et cetera access toward key


underpinnings within these fifty
constituent United States
of America beckon alacrity

for obliging citizens across
all points of the compass to alee

v8 his indiscriminate flee
sing, sans bedrock nation could tee
tear on the brink of calamity,
which political plug quite inadequate

to staunch hemorrhaging, viz upending
many a sacred liberty,
and foo to you reprimanding

against any agree

gee us objection to pen about polly lee
ticks and/or religion!


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