Thaddeus Stevens by Matthew Scott King

01/23/19 02:30:49AM
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Lived from 1792-1868 – pegged as extreme
radical republican born dirt poor

in Vermont where widowed mother oversaw
learning taught via hard knocks forging his

malleable constitution into hard
as nails steely righteousness ore

forged hard as nails democratic dogma with
ironclad reputation hard as rocks


upon matriculating from Dartmouth in settled
in pennsylvania practicing law

establishing safe haven pro bono
for any runaway slave

opposed to attendant miscegenation,
and glaring injustice flaw

inherent in clamped irons where Africans
exempt from freedom til their grave


said statesman credited with legislating
for access to public school

and master patron of fledgling infrastructure
without getting railroad did

applied hefty clout to establish Gettysburg college,

where acceptance the rule

for those without means could witness
creditable end from his fair bid

on the part of those less fortunate,
where fate unkind and cruel.


Standing tall in the saddle against opposition
against additional slave state

wielding great influence during Civil War
supporting Lincoln against confederate

felt stricter legislation in an absolute necessity
south of the border which trait

infuriated southerners whose loathing

for his harsh rhetoric who torched and lit

his Caledonia ironworks inciting fiery fury
stepping up heat from cauldron grate

per conflagration between Union &
Rebel forces until equality writ

coda of revision of arbitrary ignoble borders
with barn storming til late


in his life he drafted Reconstruction
blueprint and aghast at dilution

when Andrew Johnson became
de facto president who court did acquit,

sans impeachment proceedings
seen as offal pollution

whereupon his deathbed he continued
to harangue and pit

gross congressional dissolution

now his cemetery (amongst commoners)
a sacred place to visit.




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