Reflections from the Pond by Lenardo B. Youmans

01/23/19 02:17:04AM
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Flying across the pond,

Thinking on the days long gone.

The reflections that I see

Trouble and perplex me.

I reminisce of when my ancestors made this voyage

To a world strange and foreign

With nothing to feast on

But foul odor, thoughts of home, and cold porridge.

Makes me grateful to God

That I exist in this day and time,

Where I can be free and

Live anywhere I want to reside.

I wonder how many of them

Never made it across the Atlantic.

Thrown overboard, fed to the fish,

And suffered fates that no doubt were tragic.

Hoarded on ships in which they

Wallowed in feces and were swallowed by diseases;

They had no creature comforts

Or anything to appease.

They paid a price

And gaves us a life

That could be considered elitist.

Because of their unfortunate circumstances

Many of us enjoy liberties and pleasures

That ignorance implores us to take for granted.

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