Last Plane to Paris by Lenardo B. Youmans

01/23/19 02:15:32AM
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On a midnight trip

Like the one described by Gladys.

It would be insane

Had this

Been a midnight train.

People galore,

Never been on a flight this long

So I don’t know what’s in store.

A pit stop in Paris

Is a recourse not so bad.

After a ten hour flight

A traveler could be mad.

A rendezvous with a city divine

Is enough to still the nerves

On this trip of a lifetime.

I’m headed to another land.

This will be my first visit

To the place my people call motherland.

A place called home

That I’ve never been before,

Where the lions and leopards roam

Freely and forevermore.

No doubt it’ll be an adventure,

One that I’m sure to remember.

First thing’s first though.

Passage through the gateway

Of a city rich with history and prestige,

A place I can’t wait to take siege.

What will I do with a six hour layover?

Answer’ll be evident by the time

The day is over.

But for now,

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

God watches over the sparrows,

And I believe He has this big bird in His sight.

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