First Name: Crooked, Last Name: America by Lenardo Youmans

Ceri Shaw
01/16/19 10:29:55PM
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While you are obsessed with the lifestyles of the rich and famous,

The devil is placing guns and weapons

In the hands of the sick and dangerous

Kids killing kids in schools,

While madmen run around the nation

With no regard for any rules.

The richest country in the world,

And you can’t even provide for your senior citizens.

Now you’re deporting people

Because of their ethnic origins.

You had no problem standing for something

When you heard of the invasion of the Redcoats.

Fast forward a couple hundred years

And now you have the audacity to take away people’s right to vote.

Why do you send all of your good jobs overseas,

And graduate kids from college

With all of these exorbitant student loan fees.

Other nations give free health care to the needy

And you on the other hand

Keep your wealth ensnared with the selfish and greedy.

Crooked America,

Give and it shall be given.

When the cover is pulled off,

No longer will your sins be hidden.

When the wrath of God comes down in fury,

You will be crying out,

“Will someone please come cure me.”

It will be too late then, Mr. Crooked.

You won’t be able to tuck your tail

Between your legs, run, and book it.

When the opportunity was there,

You never stood for the truth.

One day sooner than later

The chickens will come home to roost.

You stole what you own

From the hands of the Red natives.

They were here first,

But you just had to be abrasive

And evict them from their rightful property,

From the least of them to the greatest

This includes all tribes, especially the Cherokee.

You built yourself up on the backs of slaves.

Your hypocrisy and degradation

Will make you dig your own grave.

What happened to the promised mule and 40 acres?

What’re you going to say

When it’s time to face the Maker?

What else has to happen

Before you awaken from your stupor?

Turn back to God before it’s too late

And stop acting like a simple prostitute that’s had a cruel pimp dupe her.

You’ve had to watch your twin towers in Gotham fall and crumble,

While your citizens have to watch

Your political leaders drop the ball and stumble.

On your money,

It says “In God we trust,”

But judging by your actions

You seem to be only motivated and driven by your own lust.

When bad things happen,

You question the existence of God.

If you return to your moral fundamentals

You can anticipate Him sparing the rod.

But you consume yourself

With greedy and selfish desires,

Yet you’re disheartened when natural disasters hit,

Things such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and wild fires.

Don’t get mad at me for dropping this literary bomb,

I’m just doing what God wants,

Someone has to sound the alarm.

Judgment is approaching

And there’s nothing you can do to stop it

Forsake your corrupt ways

And take heed to God’s true prophets.

Like the prophet Isaiah they cry loud and spare not,

Your crime’s been uncovered, Crooked America,

Come out with your hands up.

Because you’ve been caught.