Mr. Nigeria by Lenardo Youmans

Ceri Shaw
01/16/19 10:28:12PM
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I thought the ghettos in America were bad,

But what I observed firsthand
Would make the jolliest clown be sad
And turn his perpetual smile into a frown.
How can you have streets with holes
The size of craters in the ground.
These are slums,
The likes of which my eyes have never beheld.
Any government that would allow such horror
Needs to be readily dispelled.
Isn’t your country the largest oil producer on the continent?
Judging by the abject poverty,
It’s hard to fathom where the money’s being spent.
It’s 2018!
No reason why there shouldn’t be clean running water,
Or why there should be parents
Who cannot clothe their sons and daughters,
Or why there should be streets lined with opened bags of trash
And people of all ages sidling through traffic
Trying to earn some much needed cash.
Mr. Nigeria,
This is a desperate plea for action.
If you have all of that oil money,
Why is the people’s electricity rationed?
Is the money hoarded at the top,
While classism never seems to want to stop,
The poor are on the bottom looking up at the bottom.
And the citizens are living in a new-aged Sodom?
Gomorrah is long gone
And so should this nation’s deplorable conditions.
Come down from your ivory tower, Mr. Nigeria
And begin a revolutionary mission.
One that results in all people
Having access to flowing milk and honey.
Initiate change in the slums, Mr. Nigeria
And pass the less fortunate some money.