The Dying of the Light

Ceri Shaw
01/16/19 10:45:57PM
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Diolch for posting Bill. Pob lwc/best of luck in the competition :)

Bill Lythgoe
01/16/19 07:54:35PM
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A pale orange glow
struggles to be seen
through the grey rolling clouds.

Sheep huddle close
to wet slate walls and ruined barns,
drenched by the afternoon’s rain.

Red, white and green,
a torn dragon flag
flaps on a stony hilltop.

Late stragglers drag their dogs
over soggy sand dunes.

A seagull screams
above a field of caravans
covering the green grass of home.

Someone turns on
a Japanese machine
and a tenor from Llanelli sings
And now the end is near…

The last train rattles across the black, iron bridge
towards a vanishing sun.