Bat light by littoral

Peter Lewis
01/10/19 09:30:43PM
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Bat light by littoral

Bat light by littoral, bathing

the stone’s long ribbon,

highest pitch of green-spread

salt-weed foam

frozen at the step of warmth

when the lid is off the steppe.

One day one of the

heat strife, come along from

hot to cool, graze at ground level

with hot breath and teeth

do you stand to be,

from toenail to hair length

a lank drop of heat rash.

Do you come see

the toe in the sand

the fluke skim the bottom’s

top, a breath to shake

a different sediment-need,

a salt tongued baroque

with depth-wise theobor

current crossed.

A pocket of jingle shells

a black headed duck

sleek cormorants split the

surface above the surface

below, toe tangled silts

coarse and damp, the deep

history of distant heights,

beg one beg two

untie shoes and kneel.

Quick like a crab intends

its life, ready to empty

its armor on the sand

salt-rivulet route, cloistered

dream naked in the tide,

make this cratered wave

life’s path to the deep.