never looking back - Chloe O'Connor

Ceri Shaw
12/16/18 06:54:04PM
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i’ve spent hours pent up in a prison
(apparently they call them houses)
and the only way to escape them
is to run—to run away,
never looking back.

cars honk, but i hear them naught
bass pounding; feet dropping to the beat;
a jumble of words i could never repeat.
i’m running away from my problems, and
never looking back.

scents waft from mothers
preparing dinner for their demanding
i rush past holding my breath ignoring my
running has freed me, and now i’m
never looking back.

cars rush by.
in the back of my mind,
i wonder if the strangers speeding past
With their mercedes-benz and bmw’s are
laughing at the girl sweating on the
but who cares: i’m escaping this world,
never looking back.

my breathing overpowers the music.
shaking, i force myself onward.
cramps waft over me.
i grit my teeth. i count the blocks home.
the sun’s going down. my speed is too.
but the pain’s worth it.
i’m happy now, and i’m
never looking back.

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