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Turns blue eye

Toward the sky

And sees a jet plane

Fly to Katowice

With delegates who will try

To agree on measures to stop

The worst effects of climate change like

Rising seas and drought and melting glaciers.


Commitment to carbon neutrality

Clothes elected select who convene

And strive to see the earth is greened

More than before, while the poor

Struggle another day

To grasp a morsel

And a droplet

Of last night's 






Turns green eye

Toward its own

Shoreline, smaller now,

For the island itself

Is smaller than it had been

No more than six years before when

Doha was where the delegates met

And magnates pledged to turn oil to sunshine.


Some said, how strange to hold the meeting there

When oil is the problem, when in fact

Doha would have been a good choice

With the oil rig workers there

And the Gulf fishers, but 

They weren't invited.

Just delegates 

In Doha






And island

Know that humans

Aspire beyond 

Air and water and food.

Doha has Pearl and Corniche.

Katowice is Poland's hub--

Premier art, science, business, culture,

And Radio Symphony Orchestra.


It all started when coal was discovered.

Furnaces turned iron ore to steel

That glittered and brought bright money.

Doha and Katowice 

Are hubs for delegates

To stop climate change,

But the problem 

Is that they

Need the



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