God's Larger Autumn: A Pentina for September-October 2017

Nancy E Wright2
09/13/18 07:20:04PM
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Sunbeams and raindrops pelt and pound in praise

The pavement and temples of Durga Puja's glory.

The warrior goddess awaits her honor--

The parade of stunning floats--her devotees' creation

For her victory over evil the Hindu gives thanks.


In the same season a New Year warrants thanks

From Abraham's line, but with different forms of praise.

Once near, now from the diaspora the shofar signals the year's creation​;

Honeycake and apples signal the coming sweetness and glory.

Another heir, still near, abstain​s in the New Year's honor​-


For Muharram, at the first new moon commands the honor

Of Mohammed's disciples, a time to give thanks

Through fasting, mourning, and remembrance comes the glory.

Penitence, not revelry, is the emblem of praise;

Reverence for the martyred marks time's new creation.


Still another line of Abraham celebrates earth's whole creation.

St. Francis is this feast day's guest of honor.

All creatures of Genesis receive blessing and praise.​

​Thus through feasting and fasting, Abraham's children give thanks;

Temple, synagogue, mosque and cathedral celebrate autumnal glory.


Soon comes yet another sign of God's glory

When Ambedkar, author of India's legal creation--

Her Constitution--turns to Buddha and for enlightenment gives thanks,

Chooses Buddhism as life's truest path of honor,

As Jew, Christian, Muslim and Hindu culminate their praise.


Praise and glory that God's larger autumn

Gives honor to God's creation---for God's larger autumn, give thanks!