Hunting humans (insatiable) by Ralph Jones

Ralph Jones
09/06/18 04:07:51AM
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Give the man a bit of power
He may turn it into our darkest hour
Doing his business in the manner of a tweet
With generals, lapping at his feet

A man whose needs are insatiable
His quest for power is insatiable
His wealth and self-esteem is insatiable
His ambition to rule the world is insatiable

A man of no political will
Who lives in a big house on the hill
Spouting out words, although he is never seen
As he does his talking behind a computer screen

With the need to be supreme, in air, sea, space and on land
Always wanting to hold the trump card
Holding court, only to those he can control
Total manipulation is his goal

A man who thinks “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours we share”
Who’ll take what you have without a care
Who’ll look down on you with contempt
Not caring what you want, it’s what he can get

Surrounds himself with a nuclear armoury
Then tells a regime, in another country
That they can’t do the same
Does he think he’s playing games?

Calling his generals around a table
As he threatens a regime that he calls unstable Does
he have a finger twitch?
Or is he handing out a death wish

For his own gratification
To obliterate another nation
Then, as the missiles roar across the skies like thunder
He’ll be safe in his bunker

So, is this just a prank, or a sickening plan?
Or an insatiable desire to go hunting humans?
The project of a man, unhinged and volatile
Who’s willing to risk all, behind a dark demonic smile

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