The Wedding Cake by Ralph Jones

Ralph Jones
09/06/18 03:57:26AM
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The wedding cake
For this special occasion, is perfectly baked
With a miniature happy couple on top
A cake that is the cream of the crop

The cake that has pride and place of the wedding breakfast
Celebrating the love of two people, a love they hope will last
Religions, and ethnic origins, are put one side
As family and friends, support the bridegroom and his bride

A Father, that gives his little girl away
Will always remember this proud day
If he does it more than once, he will always wear a smile
And remember the day, he walked his daughter down the aisle

And always cherish the day
When he is asked “who gives this woman away”
When he nervously answers, “I do”
And smiles and thinks, the rest is up to you

See the Mother weep tears of happiness
As she looks at her little girl, in her wedding dress
Thinking back to the day, she first cradled her in her arms

At the reception, that is the start of a new life
For the new Husband and Wife
Singing and dancing, happiness and tears
Even the wedding cake is in tiers

Tears of laughter, tears of joy
Wishes of happiness, and a long life may they enjoy

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