Whyt Pugh
11/30/17 07:46:17PM
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Unrealized potentialities
Evaporate in the fluorine flicker
Of a synthetic sun
Whoreshipped by the shopper
As it drowns the fragile night
Of annihilated archetypes
Corporate priests preside
Over prophets predicting
The ebb and flow of the notional
Mark it
With the barcoded stigmata
Of progress
Darkness and poetry and my
Lie nation

Inc.onstant indemnity shuns the
Other in this mass of shattered
Bone and muscle
            must sell
                    cell                 (out)
Of a collective prison
Barred with chains of rewritten

Mutate the membrane
To prevent the coiling of
Constituents’ chromosomatic choice
might, oh              Chondria feeding
On Machiavellian misogynistic
In the schism
We subverted signs
To undermine the authority
But poetic plurality was dis
solved by pandemic meaning

Momentary and untraceable
Etymological ephemerality
Authored a single social narrative
Idolized on glossy prints mass
Produced to induce the diminishing
Of thought
Subsumed Instagra-
tifications of bite-sized
Preruminated cognitions
Capitulating concepts to the Glow
Downloading somatic suicide
As servants to the Screen
The radical exclusion of a center
We sought to underwrite

Built the walls of the capitol castle
With words we payed for
Preyed for
Multiplicity blind to the bind
Of unprecedented semiotic stability
Achieved through the erasure
Of all signifieds
In unparalleled poetic
Iron Ne
gating dreams of difference
In 50 [states] characters or less
Tweeting micro-meanihi

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