Filk Lullaby for Bran in "The Grey King"

11/29/17 08:34:38PM
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From the rift rocks on the height

See the hills turn black and white

As the snow sifts slowly down

On the mountains, on the town.

Hush then, child, and close thine eyes;

Fear not cold and snowy sky.

Hush now, child, and close thine eyes

While I sing thee lullaby.

Child thou art, and king shalt be;

Therefore kings do not love thee;

Loved by them or not, shalt reign;

Would that kings could spare their pain!

Best and wisest of all kings

Learn to live with simple things

Among plain and common men,

Be cast down, and rise again.

Peace then, child; the time will come,

Thou shalt find thy princely home.

Meantime, rest, and soft thy cries

As snow falling from the skies.