Sonnet on the Gregorian Calendar

Nancy E Wright2
11/29/17 07:11:05PM
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Three centuries before the edict of esteemed Pope Gregory,

That would restore the Eastertide to early Church decision,

Giacomo da Lentini, Guido Cabvalcanti, Dante Alighieri

And perhaps more yet unknown were poets of great precision.

Creating the sonnet for which Petrarch is credited with such symmetry.

Then sonnet crown and redouble spilled in creative collision

While tectonic shifts in time jolted Europe's reverie.

Nature still joined day and night in equinox division.

The sonnet lends itself  to write the history o this mission

That led  to how a twelve-month calendar became the year comprising.

The redouble gives ample space for each month's exhibition,

With three more left to fret the mind with endless analyzing

At how and why the year became subjected to this scission,

While Nature's timeless cycles human fission nullifies.