Untitled by Olamide Lapite

Ceri Shaw
11/26/17 09:56:09PM
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I heard somebody say no one knows what tomorrow holds
Well I can tell you that i do
Because I know tomorrow lurks behind the beautiful moonlight
Waiting to pronounce it woes on me as soon as the sun comes up
Even as I am still caressing yesterday's bruise

At least I know that if tomorrow is a Monday

I will get flogged at school

The principal said my overworn uniform shames the school

I know that if tomorrow is a Tuesday

I should follow Mama to the market

Tomatoes trucks arrives on that day porters make a lot money in that day

I know that if tomorrow is a Wednesday

I will join the beggers at the church gate  to hurl out prayers like missiles at passersby for a penny

I know that if tomorrow is a Thursday

A slap is as show as death for mama

Because my drunkard father comes home to steal some cash

I know that if tomorrow is a Friday

I'll be making promises to mama under the moonlight with tears in my eyes

Even Mama knows tomorrow

That is why she has always been begging me to be strong

It is at this point that we dream

Yes we dream but we don't know

What tomorrow holds