Remote Viewing by Sally Spedding

Sally Spedding
11/26/17 08:51:09PM
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A trio of unimmaculate conceptions fill our evening’s TV screen

scrubbed and shaven crispy clean, nameless of course, wombs

abandoned where flitting sperm and eggs had formed their limbs

their minds and skill in calculated kills with clever tongues to spin

three lives of lies.


No hearts, no tears save for themselves each in a hi-tech pristine

cell where well-fed lips re-tell the sights and smells of homes they’ll

never see and ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me,’ remains



An hour’s gone. We watch those indoor skins pale and shrink away

and wonder how, for sixty minutes, not a single eye had blinked.


On August 29th 2017 BBC’s Horizon showed ‘What Makes a Psycopath’ with Professor Uta Frith. focussing on male detainees in Indiana State prison .

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