Ceri Shaw
11/10/17 01:08:07AM
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When justice has master,
the truth will sag like the breastbreast of old granny.
truth will die and decay like a dead plant
and unity will remain an unborn child.

when justice is bossed,
corruption will flourish like an ever green tree,
leaders will deny people the rewards for their sweat,
and followers Will raise sword of cheat against one another.

when the light of truth is murdered,
the sun will set and never rise again,
the moon will sleeep rather than light-up the town,
mothers will bath and grace in disgrace,
fathers will cross their border
to have a taste of bride-price harvest in another man's room
and children in our households
will be breeds out of matrimony.

when justice has a master,
the gods will go crazy and spit infertility into the land,
God's Temple willwill be asylum for corrupt leaders,
sayings of the scriptures will be bent in favour of injustice,
lies will be fashioned like the truth,
our society will wear colours of pseudo-unity
and we will all dwell and survive in disunity.

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