Sewing Starlight - by Molly Seaman

Ceri Shaw
11/10/17 01:01:28AM
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She left me alone

with only traces of starlight

tucked away underneath my fingernails,

left from when I tore at her.


I have only traces of starlight

to pocket as mementos

of moments when I didn't tear at her

and we were sewn together.


I pocket mementos

like they are needles and thread

that I can use to sew us back together,

make our bones sing duets again.


I have neither needles nor thread

to sew myself back together.

My bones need hers to sing duets again,

and presently my bones are lonely.


I cannot sew myself back together.

Without her I am not incarnate

and my bones are lonely.

She left me alone.