vaginismus - by Molly Seaman

Ceri Shaw
11/10/17 12:58:40AM
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i have no entryway for you.

sex explodes inside of me

and i have no way to let it out,

have no way to let you in,

so i lie on pillows

while an entire milky way of desire

crams itself inside my vagina.


i think it leaves star by star.

they tumble out of my throat like diamonds,

those stars,

and then they wrap around you,

dissolve into your skin,

words like

like “ouch” and “no” and “sorry.”

sometimes they string together, form constellations like

“that can’t be right” and “keep trying” and “i swear i want this” and “maybe if i’m on top.”


we try until my vagina is empty

and i am deflated

and your arms are tired

and the sheets are even cleaner

than they were before i decided to be disappointed


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