The Bloody Tide

Jim Mockford
11/08/17 06:11:47PM
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Unfriend me now! Oh, fascist troll.
Bully me not with your lies.
Embrace no hatred in your tweets.
Change course from your own demise.

Recoil, abhor the bully bile,
Cease the trumpet sound of hate.
Bury deep the angry urge to strike.
Sink the sirens of futile fate.

Pirate-ocracy cannonades the soul.
Pillagers wreck the ship of state.
Keel-hauled democracy,
Bilges brim without abate.
At the helm uncertainty
Capsized quarterdeck of hope.
Come about ye luffing mates
From flotsam set afloat
Oh, Morning in America
Catchy chant from long ago,
Shadows lengthen on a darkened day
What ghastly winds now blow.
Halt the caissons on to endless war
Surrogates of primp and pride
Recall the mobilized madness of man
Dig no trenches for the bloody tide.

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