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They fought for our freedom, on land, sea and air,

courage not withstanding, many souls were laid bare.

Comrades in arms, through wars of attrition,

to free the oppressed, their ultimate mission

           "We will remember them"

On far foreign fields, with no quarter given,

many brave heroes, ascended to heaven.

Never returning, laid to rest where they fell,

now in the "Lord's" care, in heaven they dwell.

           "We will remember them"

In this day and age, wars are more common place,

brave heroes dispatched, not knowing their fate.

Loved ones they weep, hearts breaking in two,

praying to God, please guide safely through.

           "We will remember them"

Lest we forget, those who never returned,

our freedom today, is what they all earned.

Those lives sadly lost, in conflict of war,

remembered this day, from near and afar.

           "We will remember them"

Wear a cardinal poppy, with pride and respect,

to fighters for freedom, who died to protect.

Remember the fallen, who never returned,

those loved ones they left, who now sadly yearn.

            "We will remember them"

Arthur Cole...All Copyright Reserved.

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