Golden Girl by Sandip Saha

Ceri Shaw
10/19/17 01:41:08AM
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I saw her while walking

On the street of New York,

The crowd was on the move,

But her face got engraved

In my mind forever.

She also looked at me

Perhaps seeing me as a foreigner,

Turned her face away immediately.


In the tide of time everything perishes;

After so many years those curly

Silky hair, some of them caressing

Her cheeks, wide open eyes,

Soft looking face,

Soothing skin, bright white complexion

Still remain as fresh as ever in my mind.


My mind flies as a white pigeon,

Goes to her house, sits on her window,

Sees her sleeping on her bed

Covering herself with a bright blanket

Keeping her face out of it.

She wakes up at the flapping of the wings

Of the snow white pigeon.


She senses the pleasure of a message,

Catches the bird that seems

To be happy to get caught by her.

She kisses the bird

With honey touch of her pink lips

As if she is whispering ‘how are you’?

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