Ugly Evil by Sandip Saha

Ceri Shaw
10/19/17 01:39:22AM
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I encountered your two faces

One male monster and

The other ferocious female

Two sides of the same coin

You exhibit your evil existence

Make this creation cruel colossal

Hell that we as human always suffer

Struggle to face your onslaught

Without any weapon with us

Endure pain with tears.


When you kidnap women rape them

Pierce rod in to their private parts

Leaving them bleeding profusely

At a remote location and they die

When you kill women and children

In the name of freedom fighting

Entering their homes with AK 47 rifles

Since they do not belong to your religion

When you bulldoze honest people by power

And steal the fruits of their glittering talent

Make them cry in agony with ruined lives

You are that heinous monster on this earth.


When you look so beautiful from outside

Enjoy all luxury provided by the able elder

Of a joint family as your husband is inefficient

You silently sabotage his glory by treachery

When you take the help of glamour of your body

Flirt to please your boss to climb in career

Lose your chastity like a bitch

And cheat your husband

When you become like a wild wolf

Do not do any duty of your family

Try to rule over others by temper and crookedness

You are that ferocious female ruining everything.