Beetle by Sandip Saha

Ceri Shaw
10/19/17 01:37:13AM
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Tropical noon

The sun is at the top of sky

A sweet silence makes me absent

My mind floats in the golden sunshine

The cottage gives me the relief

Nobody is around.

My parents are busy in farming

Right below the burning sun’s

Scorching heat in the field

They are bound to work for livelihood.


Suddenly a buzzing sound

Brings me back from my dream

Some people daydream with open eyes

A beetle enters my room to give me company

It goes on telling me so many things

Flying around me perhaps

It wants to make me friend keenly.


I like its friendship

So innocent singing song of life

Asking me why I sit alone?

It says about its loneliness as its partner

Has deserted and gone with another beetle.


I find a great philosophy in its singing

That gives me solace.

If I am alone with nobody around

That is the real truth.

The beetle teaches me a lesson-

If I can really accept that

None bothers for me

Just as my poems are kicked

Like a football by one journal to other

My existence as poet itself disappears,

If there is no existence there is no pain either.