What I cherish by Sandip Saha

Ceri Shaw
10/19/17 01:33:13AM
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I was asked by somebody
‘Would you like to
Become the president of
America or the prime minister
Of India’, my answer was
Emphatically ‘No’ since
I adore freedom and not post
Even if there is a post for God
I hate to take that also
As post binds me with the boundary
For which it is created and I shall
Have to be accountable for that
And I do not like any limitation.


Anything tangible has limitation
I despise to take any shape, I do
Not want to be defined,
I like to be finer than the finest
And bigger than the biggest
Death will fear to catch me
And miserably fail in all attempts
I do not do harm to anybody
Since I do not see anything
Other than myself nor I do any
Favor as nobody exits to take it;
All the name and fame are
Preposterous to me since that
Too is nothing but big bondages.


I like to be ever illuminated light,
Endless wisdom, infinite love
That coalesce the bubbles of
Good and evil in to homogeneous
Monolithic absolute existence
That has neither beginning nor end.

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