Illuminata by Nicolenya Caltman

10/12/17 10:38:25PM
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Won’t you come on home?
Deep; within, the forest of my heart-
Where I have prepared a place for you…
A place; soft, warm, gentle, and kind-
A place; to hide you from the elements…
Even if it is; but a moment.
Here; in your home-
There is only love.
No judgement-
No need to perform…
Only love; for you-
Unconditional, pure…
For you, to take; feed yourself, and water-
I, your devoted; will remain in communion…
With you-
A constant light; flickering…
For you; to find your way home-
Where you will be received; recurrently.
Come, take; make your bed in me-
   and lay.

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