The Odd Sock by Ralph Jones

Ralph Jones
08/01/17 02:39:40AM
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I opened my drawer, and what did I see
An old odd sock was staring at me
A most unusual sight I thought
As it was a pair, I was sure I bought

The other one, it must be there somewhere
Although, I looked everywhere
In and under, and behind the drawer
Until at last, I found what I was looking for

In front of me, another lone sock was to be seen
But to my horror, this one was blue, not green
So, after looking high and low
Where the other sock is, I don’t know

But this one, had a hole in the toe
But does it matter! who will know
Most of my socks are the same, I never fail
I will have to start cutting my toe nails

But, why should I care
I have a sock, for each foot to wear
And if they are nice and comfy
Will anyone see

And if someone makes a comment
I’ll just say, it wasn’t an accident
As these socks, were the first I found
And back home, I have another pair hanging around

It’s not as if I’m wearing odd shoes
As I haven’t got a pair of those
And as I’m wearing jeans
The odd sock, can’t be seen

But think about this!
It’s not else’s anyone’s business
What I wear inside my shoes
So, I’ll carry on wearing the odd socks I suppose

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