Second Chance by Ralph Jones

Ralph Jones
08/01/17 02:04:57AM
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to lose someone you love can cause untold grief
heartache and pain, beyond all belief
a friend, a spouse, partner or lover
the pain you will feel will be like no other

but if you get a second chance at love
take it as a sign from above
be it for friendship, companionship or a new romance
take it for all it is worth, as you may not get another chance

as some treat life like a deck of cards
sometimes the hand that’s dealt, is very heard
but among those cards, is the Queen of hearts
a Lady who may give you a fresh start

a start, that does not mean you have to forget
those you have lost, as someone new you have met
for lost loved ones, will always have a place
as in your hearts, there will always be a space

many people never find true love in their lifetime
while for others, true love is taken away before it is time
life sometimes can feel cruel and unkind
after loving someone for so long, love again you may never find

but love can be there, it is just so difficult
and it may ease the pain in your heart you have felt
for no matter if a new relationship you start
you will always have your memories in your heart

memories, that no one can ever take away
memories, that are yours, until your dying day
memories, that you love and treasure
memories, that will always bring you pleasure

but if you find someone, who you would like to share your life
it is not their fault, for your grief and strife
try and give them a chance, to bring a little bit of love
and bring a warm glow into your life, like the sunshine up above

for they are not trying to take over, or make you forget
they are trying to help ease your grief, not cause an upset
for in this world, we are here for but a few short years
so, let us enjoy what we have, before it all ends in tears

for life is such, and such is life
too short for bickering, too short for strife
so, if there is a second chance for love or happiness
thank the Lord, trust his wisdom, and offer your prayers

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