Westminster Bridge by Ralph Jones

Ralph Jones
08/01/17 01:59:49AM
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Leave for work in the morning, it’s just another day
Doing a job you enjoy, earning an honest day’s pay
Who would have thought it would be for the last time
A good honest man, who dedicated his life to fighting crime

A man so brave, yet so nice
Has now paid the ultimate price
Killed, by a coward with a knife
A good man, has lost his life

As others ran for cover, he stood his ground
He showed no fear, protecting all around
A man, proud of the uniform he wore
Who paid with his life, he could give any more

It is of men like this, that we should be proud
Whose name we should shout out aloud
A man, who never wanted to be a hero
Who perished, doing his duty, is now gone for evermore

In this man’s memory
We must let the terrorists see
That we will not be beaten, or frightened
And that we will, our country defend

And protect our people, and fight back
And bring to justice, the cowards of terrorist attacks
Let them know, that we will do all that we can
We must, in honour of that brave Policeman

In this country, we have the best form of police
Proud of the uniform, proud to keep the peace
Also, the bravest and best medical teams in the world
Doctors and Nurses, who stood tall, as the terror unfurled

Tending to the injured, unyielding, unflinching
Not caring about themselves, doing their jobs, not thinking
That they too, could be in danger most grave!
But their only thought, was of the lives they must save

So, from the mightiest people, to a new born baby
We must let the terrorists see
That we will not be beaten, not now, not ever
And to these people, and the policeman, we owe a debt forever

So, let’s get a message to the Islamic state
A system so corrupt, and built on hate
That they will never win
And our great Country, will never give in

Let us learn from the Westminster bridge atrocities
And protect our Towns and Cities
Let us all stand, and be strong
And put terrorists where they belong

Confine them to the gutter, their rightful place to be
As they have no right to be in our society
And try as they might
They will not intimidate, or fill us with fright

And we must be sure, that we do all that we can
To honour the memory of the brave Policeman
And the medical people, who held their nerve
It is what they have earned, it is what they deserve

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