Welsh Christmas story (Nadolig Llawen!)

Ceri Shaw
12/22/20 10:48:21PM
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Diolch yn fawr Rhian :) I will make sure that this gets posted everywhere. Nadolig Llawen from all at AmeriCymru :)

Rhian Waller
12/22/20 09:43:36PM
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Hwyl, pawb! 

Sorry to crash back in like this after an absence of, er, eight years. I just thought you would be the kind of people who would appreciate this. 

It's a children's Christmas tale written especially because we can't do our usual seasonal storytelling this year.

It's set in south Wales and based on a (mostly true) family story, but it came about because Teresa mayor of Yr Wyddgrug asked me to write it. This is her reading.

I thought you or your kids might want to listen. 🙂

It's about a little girl living in the aftermath of the Great Depression and the general strike. Despite hard times, she and her family are determined to make the best of things.

The setting might be familiar if any of you have relatives in the Rhondda.