"If You Fall I Will Catch You" by Eifion Jenkins (Seren Books)

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
10/07/11 10:03:22AM
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I've already tweeted about how much I like this book and I'm sure that Ceri could give a much more erudite and considered review but I would like to say that once I started the book, I resented having to put it down for any reason!

It's a very imaginative novel and to call it science fiction (which, in a sense it is) would not do it justice. Set in 2084, we meet Gwidion who lives in a Welsh village made up of roundhouses. Slowly, we discover that the village lies within a bio-dome. Up to 70% of the world's population has been destroyed by a mumps-like virus, leaving the remaining people with uncertain fertility. There are very few males in his village and people do not speak of father figures.

In the village, the languages spoken are Welsh, Spanish and American (the latter being mainly confined to technological talk). What was Wales is now part of the Hispanic Republic, ruled from Madrid and South America.

Gwidion is very intelligent and he has an extraordinary gift which the Republic wants to make use of. I can't give anything else away!

I really recommend this book.

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