Allen Raine (Anne Adaliza Evans) and Queen of the Rushes

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
09/09/11 12:56:56PM
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I haven't actually started this book yet; it's been re-published by Honno. Raine was a successful author in Victorian times; born in Castell Newydd Emlyn, sent to school in Caerfyrddin and then "finished" at Cheltenham and London. After her marriage, she returned to Tresaith, Ceredigion.

The introduction to the book states "..As Jones pointed out, Raine was instrumental in 'popularising Wales as an acceptable subject for novelists' at a time when Wales in the London literary establishment was not simply deeply unfashionable (as it still seems to be today) but virtually did not exist on any literary map which they were able to read..."

That statement is only too true.

More when I've actually read the book.

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