The Story of Wales - The full show, the full history of Wales ?

07/12/13 07:05:39PM
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Not the full history of Wales at all as I remember the series. As I remember it, like almost every other attempt at either Welsh or British history, the Pre-Roman era was pretty much skimmed over.

As an aside another of his series about our impact Down Under is due to start here soon.

Ceri Shaw
07/08/13 03:41:08AM
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Diolch for posting Lawrence.....that's my evenings viewing sorted. Just gotta make the popcorn now

Lawrence Davies2
07/08/13 02:21:46AM
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This show, introduced and narrated by Huw Edwards got very mixed reviews, and although there is plenty to debate, it must be said it was a pretty good effort to put something resembling the development and birth of Wales on film. One criticism was that it often descended into 'landscape porn', by overly showcasing the Welsh landscape, not a bad thing in my eyes.

Occasionally it does seem to jumble up historical theories and insert them alongside facts, personally my main irritation is that the theme music can well up out of nowhere and burst into life at annoying moments, and there seems to be a need to paint everything as 'epic',that said, it is quite a watchable show for Welsh history buffs :

The Story of Wales Episode 1 - The Makings of Wales

The Story of Wales Episode 2 - Power Struggles

The Story of Wales Episode 3 - England and Wales

The Story of Wales Episode 4 - Furnace of Change

The Story of Wales Episode 5 - A New Beginning

The Story of Wales Episode 6 - Wales and Britain

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