'Iberia' by Bruce Lader - 2010 Left Coast Eisteddfod Online Poetry Competition Winner

margaret Grant
10/09/16 02:27:42PM
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There are so many phrases here which are also redolent of Anglesey/Ynys Mon.

Do seek out the Facebook  'Images of Anglesey' page and 'Like' it to get stunning photography.

You will find 'immemorial waters',  a 'vast audience of stars in a bullfight arena', 'flaming mountains', 'caves of your gut' etc. Welsh Romantics aren't we all?

Ceri Shaw
09/10/16 03:26:52AM
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Within the dark fortress

of your immemorial waters

are the sands of a moon to be born.


Mediterranean of no tides, you hold

the vast audience of stars in a bullfight arena.


At night, on the shore, the ripples

come lapsing arabesques

in your Alhambra of shadows.


For eons encamped in caves of your gut

eels have thrummed guitar, wailed


as gypsy fires dance duende from earth

like poppies of blood

flaming Andalusian mountains.


And there, on the distant Castilian mesa,

your armored attacker of windmills

astride his dauntless horse


dreams adventure in despair.