Welsh independence Movement #yescymru

03/31/19 02:54:11AM
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Hello everyone.

i would like to ask all of you to consider looking up the following hashtags and groups on twitter and other social media.

wales is on the hard end of sone political turmoil at the moment.

it needs your support.

#yescymru  - the main pro independence movement in wales. 

this is becoming a rapidly growing group consisting of people the world over. 

#indywales - a popular tag for discovering news on welsh independence

#AUOB (all under one banner) - a collective of all the celtic nations who have suffered under colonialism and wish to be independent.

the main concern is the unequal union and mistreatment of our nation.

all people and all views are welcome. i hope to see you all getting involved in whatever capacity.

thank you.

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