Ceri Shaw
09/14/10 09:29:36PM
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Shwmae IanDiolch for posting I'll cut and paste it into the submissions group later today.
Ian Price2
09/14/10 09:16:30PM
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Please accept this entry for the poetry competition 2010


Paper and printing.

Pavement and pace.

Letters and boxes.

Places and dates.

Quires in the morning.

Hours in the day.

Singing a song.

The posts on its way.

Twitter and chatter.

Worldly surprise.

Ladies in garments.

Boys with wide eyes.

Rustle and tussle.

Frost in the air.

Bunches of people.

Some couldnt care.

Ink spots and grammar.

Door knobs and dogs.

Walking and talking.

Dodging the blobs.

Meeting the milkman.

Steps in the snow.

Kids running loudly.

Harking of crows.

Printing the paper.

Pavements and pace.

Boxes and letters.

All in their place.

Ian Price


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