Ysgol (School)

Dai Williams
05/26/10 10:01:30AM
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Well I was never any good in school, think all the teahcers were glad to see the back of me, he'll never make anything of himself was heard as they slammed the door behind me.

I was kicke dout of matherhatics and had to do art in it's place, I was kicked out of history to sit in the corridor.

When I was 12 we emergrated to England when there the history teacher was Welsh. One day we were doing the Romans, he said "When the Romans came here they landed in England and had battles with the English tribes." So I ask"Sir can you explain? The Romans ladnded about 40 AD the people now known as English started to come about 450 AD, so how did the Romans fight them when they landed?" he then kicked me out of class.

Maths well easy bad student dictator for teacher so not a good mix.

I remember being marked down in history because of spelling. WHY?

So I spent most of my time in the house watching the education programmes.

When I was 30 I went to Uni and got an HND in computers and now I have a business.

End of school report my English teacher said of me. "Could have done better if attended leasons."

A friend on his maths report the teacher wrote "Who's he?"

What are the advantages of school?

I know many people with great qualification who can't open a door without instructions.

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