How To Make Bash Scripts Run

How to Make The Scripts Run

In order to make these scripts run

1. Create a blank text document with the text editor of your choice and save it with any name you like. You do
not need to give it a file extension.

2. Select, Copy and Paste the script from this site into the newly created document .

3. In order to make it executable you can do either of two things:-

a. Open a terminal. Navigate to the folder containing the script and type 'chmod a+x  filename'. ( substitute the name of your file for 'filename' and leave out the quotation marks )

b. Right-click on your new file, select 'Properties' annd 'Permissions', check the box that says "Allow executing file as a program.

4. Open a terminal, navigate to the folder containing your file ( navigate with the 'cd' command, check that you are in the right folder with the 'ls' command which lists the folder contents.

5. Simply type ./filename. The dot forward slash in front of the filename simply direct the computer to look in the current folder for the command. You may need to execute as root (sudo) if permission is denied. The script will now run ( or not if its borked ).