Belenos or Bolgios?

From the wiki:-

Cassivellaunus was a historical British chieftain who led the defence against Julius Caesar's second expedition to Britain in 54 BC. The first British person whose name is recorded, Cassivellaunus led an alliance of tribes against Roman forces, but eventually surrendered after his location was revealed to Caesar by defeated Britons.

Cassivellaunus made an impact on the British consciousness. He appears in British legend as Cassibelanus , one of Geoffrey of Monmouth 's kings of Britain, and in the Mabinogion , the Brut y Brenhinedd and the Welsh Triads as Caswallawn , son of Beli Mawr . His name in Brythonic *Kaiwellaunos , from *kai- "passion, love, hate" + *weln- "to lead" + -aunos "one who", translates as either "leader of the Cassi [tribe]", and therefore may be more of a title rather than his actual given name (although the two need not be mutually exclusive), or as "The Passionate Leader".

BUT who was Beli Mawr? Review the evidence here:-

Beli Mawr and the Belgae

and here:-

Beli Mawr and the Belgae 2

For more on Bolgios follow the link below:-

Bolgios - The Thunderbolt

Then cast your vote for the most likely candidate below:-

Ceri Shaw
01/11/13 09:03:20PM @ceri-shaw:

All a bit subjective of course but good fun and an interesting research project imho Sorry about the plethora of links but taken together they provide a good background to the subject matter.