Pigyn Clust

Roger C. Roberts
12/13/15 08:20:03PM

After Pigyn Clust disbanded because of Fion's untimely death I have not heard word of any other group playing in the style of the band. Seem to recall that Carreg Llfar has also disbanded.

The only samples of "active" Cymreig bands I have come across are from current commercial (BBC regulated?) radio airplay which simply leaves me shaking my head. The word that comes to mind is "Taffy", a word I thought our people were trying to get away from.

I am looking for exactally what the Brisith music critics once said about Pygyn Clust: "So young, so talented, and so WELSH!" (If the English would learn to speak a decent language maybe they would find the World a better place..." LOL!

RCR, Central Ohio