New Taran Cd

Gerard KilBride
12/13/15 07:57:34PM

Hotel Rex  the second CD from the welsh folk house pioneers  Taran

A year in the making, recorded in three different countries, B rittany, S cotland and W ales, written and produced by G erard K ilBride. with the bands core talent of D an K ilBride, G erard K ilBride, G afin M organ, D ave D anford , F elix P epler and R hodri S mith and outstanding guest performances  by Pacsal  L amour, I wan K avalez, K ate R onconi- W oollard, B ill T aylor, B eatrice L e B ihan, A ntwn O wen- H icks, L inda O wen- H icks, T om J ackson, R obert E vans,  M ary- A nne R oberts, S arah B lackburn and B eth G ibson. 

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T aran are one of the most inventive and imaginative bands to come out of W ales in a generation, with their innovative mix of traditional W elsh music welded to driving riffs and throbbing beats, swimming in a sea of dance loops, grooves and samples.

C aused earthquakes, shook buildings and generally turned Brittany upside down and inside out.” S imon J ones - F olk R oots.

A udiences come electrifyingly alive when T aran light the blue touch paper.”                                    M ick T ems - T aplas.

S eriously raise the profile of W elsh traditional music"                                                                             D ave H aslam - R ock and R eel  

Beats, Bards and Bagpipes