The Mabinogion - Versions and Adaptations

Ceri Shaw
03/14/14 12:02:46AM

The Wikipedia lists the following. I'm pretty sure this is not a complete list. Anyone care to suggest other titles?


  • Evangeline Walton adapted the Mabinobion into the novels The Island of the Mighty (1936), The Children of Llyr (1971), The Song of Rhiannon (1972) and Prince of Annwn (1974), each one of which she based on one of the branches, although she began with the fourth and ended by telling the first. These were published together in chronological sequence as The Mabinogion Tetralogy in 2002.
  • Y Mabinogi is a film version, produced in 2003. It starts with live-action among Welsh people in the modern world. They then 'fall into' the legend, which is shown through animated characters. It conflates some elements of the myths and omits others.
  • The tale of Culhwch and Olwen was adapted by Derek Webb in Welsh and English as a dramatic recreation for the reopening of Narberth Castle in Pembrokeshire in 2005.
  • Lloyd Alexander 's award-winning The Chronicles of Prydain , which are fantasies for younger readers, are loosely based on Welsh legends found in the Mabinogion. Specific elements incorporated within Alexander's books include the Cauldron of the Undead, as well as adapted versions of important figures in the Mabinogion such as Prince Gwydion and Arawn, Lord of the Dead.
  • Mabinogion is a boardgame based on the four branches and broader Welsh myth. [ 4 ]