New Quiz - Mabinogi 1

03/17/14 05:09:21AM

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All questions supplied by Shan Morgain of Mabinogi Study.

Check the PDF (linked below) for the correct answers.


Mabinogi quiz

1. The first person we meet in the Four Branches is Pwyll. His name means:

He who rides a grey horse with pink feathers in his hair.

Prudence, sense, wisdom.

Prudence, Rosemary and Victoria.

2. Who is the lady who is also a horse goddess?

Arri the orse lady.



3. In which region is this first Branch set?




4. Which king was so enormous he could not fit inside any building until one was specially built for him?


Ben Kingsley.


5. How did the villain of the Second Branch end the devastating war with Ireland?

He offered to fight a single handed duel to make up for his bad deeds.

He got inside the Cauldron which kept reviving dead warriors, and broke it.

He finally repented of his villainy and became a monk.

6. Why did Pryderi go into the treacherous magical castle and get stuck there?

He wanted to find and retrieve his valuable hounds which ran in there.

He just couldn’t resist a magical adventure – he was a hero after all.

He was hearing voices that blotted out ordinary reality so he didn’t know what he was doing.

7. Which animal was at the centre of Manawyddan’s magical negotiations to restore Dyfed and get his friends back?

An obese boar.

A yellow duck.

A pregnant mouse.

8. Which two men in the Fourth Branch are both mighty magicians who use magic wands?

Math and Lleu.

Gwydion and Bob Dylan.

Math and Gwydion.

9. Who laid a tynghed (a fate) on her son which meant he could never marry?

Arianrhod the sister of Gwydion.

Blodeuedd the Lady of Flowers.

The Queen of Annwfn.

10. Which animal led a band of heroes across Britain with a comb and a razor on his head which never fell off?

A white stag who was hopelessly in love with Olwen.

A boar who is a shapeshifted human king.

A bear who used honey to stick the comb and razor to his head.

11. What is the King Arthur of the Mabinogi like?

A gentle, just king of course, who created peace by beating the invaders.

A warlord who led his men on questing adventures but shows little morality.

A combination of several heroes from different myths.

12. What is the older name once used for the Mabinogi right up to the 20thC - and the mistake goes right back to the Middle Ages when a copyist made a mistake?

The Mabinogion.

The Mabynogongne.

The Eleven White Books of Swansea.