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Posted by Dom Stocqueler on January 20, 2009 at 11:42am in Madoc

as I received the following comment on my web site yesterday (I'm sure they don't mind me sharing with you all)

A "Prince of Wales" by Blood

Bezahn (Greetings),

I am a Shawnee Native American who shares blood with a Prince Madog who came to America in 1170. Through an unfortunate confrontation with my early Shawnee people, the Welsh descendents of Madog here in America, and the descendents of his Welsh settlers, became Shawnee Native Americans through no choice of their own. They were our prisoners who were adopted into our tribal group hundreds of years ago. Some are part of the Mandan people in North Dakota today. My particular people are still living near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our ancient homeland. However, most are not now aware of their bit of Welsh heritage.

At one time, we spoke Algonkin mixed with Welsh, but after about 1830, we were forbidden to speak either by our white government. So now I don't speak either. They are lost.

For those of you in Wales who still speak your language, please never let it die! Teach your language and your history to your children, or it will be lost too quickly.

Thank you for your bit of history of Wales. I have much to learn about my long ago ancestor, and the history of his country. It seems as though your Welsh people have suffered under the English, as my people have here in North America under the English armies.

Only your people suffered under the English much earlier than my people did.

We fought them in the French and Indian War (1754-1763). And many times before and after that date, as well. We took many of their Yengese (English) scalps. Finally by the mid-1800's, we were being overwhelmed by white settlers; mainly Scots, English and German immigrants to America.

Our government in America today is basically an extension of the English government. Our American government does not treat our Native American people fairly. Never have!

Sadly, the "take-away" from Native Americans never stops! And since the white American government failed to kill all of us, they now refuse to "recognize" who we really are! Sad, indeed! I really believe that our government wishes that we would all just disappear! We won't give them that satisfaction!

I am the last "wisdomkeeper" of our Shawnee-White Madoc people (the keeper of oral history). I am making every effort to put what I know to paper. I am trying to conduct research here in America on this historical anomally, but funding is a real problem. No-one whom I have approached for financial grants will take me serious. Maybe they think me to be crazy, I really don't know?

The Smithsonian and the National Geographic Society (both in Washington, D.C.) don't even respond to my letters to them. Maybe they don't want to give up their belief that Christopher Columbus "discovered" American in 1492, 322 years after Prince Madog and his Welsh settlers stepped ashore in America? Actually, Columbus never laid eyes on the continent of North America; he only "discovered" Haiti, and the fact that he was "lost at sea"! He and his Spaniards did some terrible things to the Native Americans in the islands to the south of us. They almost deliberately exterminated them. He is no hero!

So, lacking funding at the moment, I am "dead in the water" to move forward on research.

Maybe one day in the future, I will be able to visit Wales. It will be a sort of "homecoming" in a way, for myself. For me, such a trip would be the completion of a "circle" that began in 1170 in Wales.

American Indians believe in the "power of the circle"! With my Indian people, the circle is sacred. It is "the beggining and the coming back of all things"! A never-ending circle!

Life is a circle from birth to death to rebirth with the Creator. The seasons are a never-ending circle. The sun, moon and stars, as well as Mother Earth are circles. The wind in it's greatest power, moves in circles.

The birds make their nests in circles, as the Creator has taught them to do. They carry our prayers higher up to the Creator. We wear their feathers to honor them for this kind deed.

The circle is sacred! What goes out, always comes back, even it if takes a while!

Take care my Welsh friends,

Ken Lonewolf / Shawnee-White Madoc Native American

Charlotte, N.C.


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Reply by Amanda Kotter on January 28, 2009 at 1:04pm

Wow, thank you for this interesting post! I had no idea of the connection between The Natives and The Welsh. I have no Native blood in me, but my niece and nephew do. Makes me wonder if there is a connection.


p.s. Is it true that the Hopi Tribe never succumbed to the so-called treaties?

Reply by Alison Hill on January 30, 2009 at 8:14pm

Fascinating account which I've heard of many times. An acquaintance of mine at PBS in Denver was looking into this a while back. There is a lot of evidence that Columbus was not the first of course...the Vikings were said to have travelled this far. This person sounds interesting!

Reply by Howard Evans on February 18, 2009 at 7:15pm

Aho Ken, I am a 1st generation Welsh-American living in Montana. I have been adopted by the Crow tribe because of my understanding of the First People's plight. In my opinion, the only available scientific proof of the Welsh influence is through genetics. I would urge you to contact people who are actively engaged in exploring this avenue of scientific study.

Additionally, I would also urge you to write the oral history of the Welsh Connection. Much veracity is lost through the telling and re-telling, but parts of the basis of the story usually remains. Perhaps some elders have stories which have been handed down. Document whatever you feel pertains to this strain of exploration.

Customs and traditions also carry the heritage of the First People and their contact with the "blue eyes." Since the Europeans were a distinct minority, their influence may not be as strong as we might think.

Mostly, don't give up.


Reply by gaabi on February 18, 2009 at 7:29pm

Wow, Howard that's a GREAT idea! The people at Oxford Ancestors do this kind of testing and they could track it down and show the connection! And if you had that, NO ONE could argue with it, it would be proof! I bet that would be a way to get people to take it seriously and be willing to put money and effort into it.

What do you think Ken? You should get Brian Sycke's book, "Vikings, Saxons and Celts" where he talks about what he does and the DNA analysis he's done in the UK. He founded Oxford Ancestors , did a survey that proved the origin of the peoples of the south sea island nations, mapped the DNA of the UK, contributed to the Ghengis Khan genetic survey in Europe and could really do this. He could identify your DNA and where it came from.