1170 Madog

02/14/16 11:31:43PM

Bezahn (Greetings),My name is Ken Lonewolf of the Shawnee-White Madoc group of Native Americans. As the last "wisdomkeeper" of my people, I carry oral history. My tales point to the 1170 Madog to America, not to an earlier Madog. However, Vikings and Albans (early Scots) may have preceeded the 1170 Madog to America by hundreds of years. My people have tales of Vikings on the Great Lakes here in America. This goes back in time farther than the 1170 Madoc, and these blonde haired white guys weren't Welsh!

My people called them the "Yellowhairs"! There is evidence of them in Newfoundland and Labrador. Read Farley Mowat's books on this subject.My focus is on the 1170 Madog and his Welsh settlers. My Shawnee people had a confrontation with these people sometime in the 1300's on the Spaylaywathepi (Ohio River to you white Europeans). O-Y-O is really our land across that river to the west!We took many prisoners after this battle, mostly women and children. They became Shawnees.DNA wise, I may be a direct descendent of Prince Madog who arrived here in 1170. I believe that I am walking proof that the 1170 Madog arrived in America.Are there any more of we Shawnee-White Madocs left? We hold an annual Lenni-Lenape pow-wow in western Pennsylvania every August. However, we don't identify ourselves as white. We are part of the Shawnee nations.

We ceased being identified with whites a long time ago when they came here to steal all of our land! That's when the brutal fighting began!I do not adhere to the beliefs of Blackett, Wilson and the late Jim Michaels. I respect their opnions, but based on what I know, I cannot agree with them on an earlier Madoc to America.The Snowbird Tsulagis (Cherokees), the wisdomkeepers of their people, only have tales of my 1170 Welsh people.Stories within my tribal group says that we trace to the Welsh captured in about 1300 on the Ohio River. None earlier!I believe that the late Jim Michaels and his followers were looking in all of the wrong places.My Shawnee-White Madoc people have been "hiding in plain sight" in western Pennsylvania all along. The Mandan who share a reservation with the Hidatsa and Arikira people in North Dakota today, are our "blood brothers".

Before we were "run over" by Europeans in the 1700's and 1800's, as well as by our white American government, we shared a common European language with the Mandan people when we met in council in the 1700's, which is fairly recent history.Yes, I would also think that someone in Wales would be interested in the fact that the 1170 Madog, (possibly one of my long ago grandfathers), "discovered" America for the Europeans 322 years before Columbus managed to get himself lost at sea and washed up on shore with the flosam at Haiti, never setting eyes on North America. We Native Americans spit on this foul person's name!British Armies sent against us in the French and Indian War (1754-1763) met us on many battlefields in western Pennsylvania. We defeated every one of their armies.

The worst defeat that they suffered at our hands was at the battle of the Monogahela in 1755. We and the French literally slaughtered them! Score: roughly 29 lost on our side combined, compared to their losses of roughly 1,000. We were the "worst nightmare" of the British and the British-Americans! LOL! My Shawnee 4x great-grandfather, Willenawah (Great Eagle) fought in this engagement, and many more.The "Bloody Nineties" (1790's) was particularly brutal. We defeated two complete fledgling U.S. Armies. We weren't about to submit to these white landgrabbers!Our Shawnee War Chief, Tecumseh, was killed in battle during the War of 1812, in Canada. He was not part Welsh.Funding for research is a real problem. I have requested funding from the Smithsonian, the National Geographic Society and other organizations, but I never receive replies. I can only surmise that they think that I'm crazy.

Oh well! My hometown in Pennsylvania was our last village site. This is a matter of county court record from the 1800's. Not some thousand year old documents or some dusty old myths! Our Chief White Madoc sold this village to white settlers in the early 1800's. He was disgusted with the numbers of whites flooding our lands.He moved away to distance himself from them.Also, be careful when collecting DNA sample from early Native Americans, since my Lenni-Lenape people originated on the Asian continent more than fifty thousand years ago, from the area of present day Persia. We scattered all over the North American continent. And we weren't the only Native American people to do so!

Europeans also migrated from this same area of the Mid-East region into Europe, so there will be some matches as far as DNA is concerned. That does not prove that these early people to America came from Wales with a "King Aurthur or Merlin the Magician"!Plus, we do not appreciate whites digging up our ancestral people! We now have laws forbidding it!I have been involved in putting bones of Native American people obtained from museums back into Mother Earth where they belong! In this matter, I am very militant!For those of you who wish to see a photo of myself in my Shawnee regalia, I am on the cover of a Welsh magazine "Y Gasglwr", whatever that means. It was published sometime in 2007. Sorry, I don't read Welsh. I also appear in the center of the mgazine "Yr Enfys" which I am told means "The Rainbow".

Hope this is correct. It is the Summer 2007 issue.

Ken Lonewolf