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Posted by David John Jones on March 22, 2012 at 4:20am in Madoc

Dear Ken,

I apologise to everyone I am new to this blog procedure, should I continue with this elsewhere, will someone kindly direct me to the “correct” place for this particular discussion?  Further:- Am I now in the correct blog?

Ken, I am of the Ancient “Britons”, Cymru (now known as Welsh) of the “indigenous peoples” of our lands that was called “Britan” or “Britanishan”, which is now called the British Isles. Please note: - I am not a European .  The only people that could have entered into America at the time of the first archeological evidences of implements found in the Americas is at about 20,000 BC, are the “Ancient Britons” who are now called the Welsh Irish Scots and other Roman and Saxon names. Please note: - The Romans and Saxons etc are Europeans who invaded of our Britanishan lands of the “Ancient Britons”; please note:- “Ancient Britons” . I say this because there are proven evidences of this. I am not trying to hijack your history Ken I am providing matters of fact according to the archeological and historical evidences to try to actually support your contention of your original people’s rightful existences in your lands; likewise I am supporting my contentions of my people’s existences in our lands, and as I say who more than possibly landed on the shores of the Americas at about 20,000 BC (what is the ancient name for the Americas?). Whether or not we are related to you Ken is another matter, and given the fact you say you have Welsh DNA then that may be correct. This evidence is explained in my book FOOTPINTS IN THE STONE and at

Best Regards, David J Jones.

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Reply by Clifton Aduddell on March 27, 2012 at 9:20pm

Solutrean spear points similar to those found in Britain and Europe have been found in the Americas. However, thos of the Americas appear to antedate those of Britain and Europe by about 20,000 years and would imply that contrarily indigenous Americans may have discovered Britain and Europe.

Reply by David John Jones on March 29, 2012 at 4:22am

Hi Clifton,

I am not aware of the evidences of indigenous Americans’ at 520,000 BC; but there is evidence of Ancient Britons’ are Boxgrove man at 500,000 BC; and the Red-Man of Paviland at 30,000 BC on the Gower Peninsula South Wales; where bifacial arrowheads etc were found in abundance here amongst adornments and artifacts made from mammoth bones, including bone needles for making sealskin boats etc. Also the west of Britan (or Britanishan is the ancient names for the British Isles) at this time was closer to North America and crossing would have been quite an easy task in sealskin covered boats. Specific information is in my book called FOOTPRINTS IN THE STONE all backed up with known historical and archeological evidences; see pages 1 to 4 and large picture page. Best regards, David J Jones.