Welsh Connections in Australia and New Zealand

02/13/16 02:49:18AM

( reproduced with kind permission from the Chicago Tafia website )

Welsh Connections in Australia and New Zealand

Admittedly I am slightly out of my depth outside when it comes to Welsh connections outside of the US borders, this list is slim at best and a work in progress, if you see any errors or would like to add any listings please contact us at: WelshChicago (at) gmail.com

The following is a list of Welsh businesses, shops, pubs, wineries, churches, societies and musicians that we are aware of in the area so far.


Beth Nesaf Network for Celtic Heritage

Website: www.bethnesaf.net

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian National Eisteddfod Society
Room 14a, Ainslie Arts Centre
Elouera St Braddon ACT 2612
Website: www.nationaleisteddfod.org.au

Canberra Welsh Society
Website: www.welshaustralian.com/canberra

New South Wales

New South Welsh - Welsh Society of Sydney
Website: http://www.newsouthwelsh.com/
Newcastle Welsh Society and Bro Hunter
Website: http://www.newcastlewelshsociety.com/

Sydney Welsh Choir
Website: www.swc.org.au

Wollongong Welsh Choir
P.O. Box 898
Wollongong East
NSW 2520
Website: www.members.optusnet.com.au/~bwrobertson

Dylan Thomas Society
Website: www.dylanthomas.org.au

Harp Divas - The Voice of the Harp
Website: www.harpdivas.com

Meinir Ann Thomas - Soprano
Website: www.meinirthomas.com

Dysgu Cymraeg - Learn Welsh - Welsh Language Classes Sydney
Website: www.newsouthwelsh.com/language.php

South Australia

Siobhan Owen
Website: www.siobhanowen.com
Siobhan is an up and coming Welsh-Australian singer from Adelaide, South Australia. Born in
North Wales to a Welsh father and Irish mother, she has certainly inherited the rich singing tradition of her Celtic roots.


The Welsh Australian
Website: www.welshaustralian.com

Plaid Cymru Melbourne and Oceania Branch
Website: www.plaidaus.org

Welsh Language Classes Melbourne
Website: www.welshaustralian.com/Welsh%20Class.htm

Melbourne Welsh Choir
Website: www.melbournewelshchoir.com.au
Victoria Welsh Choir
PO Box 1181
Mountain Gate, Vic 3156
Website: www.vicwelsh.asn.au

Australian Welsh Male Choir
PO Box 42
Frankston, Vic 3199
Phone Number: 0425 725 525
Website: www.auswelshmalechoir.org.au

Pendragon Dreaming
Website: www.pendragondreaming.com
Pendragon Dreaming is a Welsh-language folk group based in Melbourne, Australia.

Welsh Church
320 LaTrobe Street
Melbourne, Victoria
The tradition of Welsh Calvinist Methodism began in Wales in 1735 and continues in the heart of Melbourne in this church erected in 1871. It is the only church in Australasia still conducting regular services in Welsh.

Western Australia

Welsh Society of Western Australia
Website: www.wawelshsociety.org.au

New Zealand

North Island

Auckland Welsh Club
Website: www.aucklandwelshclub.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=21203790650

Welsh Society of Wellington
38 Whaui Street
Vogeltown, Wellington, 6021
Website: www.welsh.wellington.net.nz

Welshman Restaurant and Bar
133 Tongariro Street
Taupo, New Zealand
Phone: +64 7 377 2914
Website: www.welshman.co.nz

Welsh Dragon Bar & Scorpio's Restaurant
Middle of the Road, Cambridge/ Kent Terrace
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: 644 385 6566

Auckland Welsh Choir
Website: www.aucklandwelshchoir.co.nz
Welsh Gymanfa Ganu Association New Zealand
228B Ranolf Street
Rotorua, 3201

South Island

The Welsh Cambrian Society of Canterbury New Zealand
12 / 4 Sails Street
Christchurch, New Zealand
Website: http://canterbury.cyberplace.org.nz/community/welshsociety